Why A Firearm Does Not Mean We Are Invincible

Why A Firearm Does Not Mean We Are Invincible

May 30, 2024

Carrying a firearm DOES NOT make us invincible regardless of how good a shot we are, how great our firearm is, or even how "willing" we are to defend ourselves with our firearm.

None of those factors even begin to play a part in defending ourselves with our firearm until the most important factor is addressed and accomplished. And that factor is "PROPER DISTANCING & SPACING!"

I can remember an old saying that we used to use on the streets and even in prison whenever someone chose to make a verbal threat about using a weapon against another. Our response was always, "Well you have to get to it first!" And this is more true than too many people don't want to admit.

When dealing with a potential threat we HAVE TO treat that individual as if we KNOW they are going to strike! We have to be positioned so we can hold the advantage when they make the move.

Watch this video on "Art & Science of the Sucker Punch" to learn the truth about what you need to do to assure that you are spaced properly from a potential threat.

You will hear me profess over and over that "guns do not protect us. We have to protect ourselves with guns and protect guns from ill-intended people".

When we allow ourselves to place too much confidence in an inanimate object, we become arrogant and we make mistakes that can cost us our life, and weapons.

In this video, a police officer gets stabbed in the neck by a suspect that he has chased down and cornered.

Take a look and I will let you know below what he could have done, and what YOU should do to avoid this type of outcome if faced with a situation such as this.

Here are 5 things that the officer could have done to avoid being stabbed.

1. Check the hands of the suspect upon engagement. If you can't see his hands or he appears to be hiding them, stay or get over 20 feet from the suspect and draw your weapon. You also can take cover by positioning yourself so there is something between you and him such as a car, table, tree, etc...

2. Stand at an angle that would make the suspect have to turn towards you to point his weapon at or charge you. Try to position yourself behind him as much as possible even if you have to keep shuffling around as he turns to try and face you.

3. Train your weapon on the suspect and tell him exactly what you want him to do. Do not converse with him. It is best to tell him to lay on the ground, on his stomach with his arms spread out beside him. Repeat over and over until he obeys or makes the wrong move. If he makes an imminent assault, do not hesitate to respond properly with self-defense force.

#4. If the suspect tries to approach you at all, maintain your spacing by moving back from him. DO NOT allow him to close the spacing.

#5. If you have to shoot your attacker, still DO NOT allow him to get close to you. Move away from him while firing if he is rushing you. There are many cases where a person has been shot several times at point-blank range and still ends up stabbing or shooting his target.

Here is a video on Close Quarter Drawing that you can use to maintain or create space to make an accurate and effective draw.

Obviously, the best defense is to not put yourself in these types of situations or better yet recognize when this type of situation is coming so you can get out of there.

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