Self Defense Groin Kick

Self Defense Groin Kick

Feb 05, 2024

You can BREAK YOUR FOOT when kicking someone in the groin if your foot isn't positioned correctly upon contact! And the correct way to position your foot depends on HOW you are planning to land your kick to the groin.

One of my favorite kicks for self-defense is the simple and effective front snap kick.

This traditional kick targets the groin and can be executed from either leg, making it difficult for the attacker to block.

The key is to decide whether to curl your toes or point them based on the distance from your target. If you're unable to get underneath the attacker, you'll want to curl your toes and strike with the ball of your foot to avoid injury.

However, if you're closer to the target, you can extend your foot under their groin, ensuring your shin makes contact.

It's crucial to make this decision quickly and execute the kick with a snapping motion, chambering and releasing your leg swiftly.

Whether you kick off the rear leg or the lead leg, the front snap kick is an effective tool for self-defense.

Here are 2 correct ways to hit someone with a groin strike for self-defense and hurt them without hurting yourself.

It's almost impossible for them to block it because distance beats reaction in this technique.

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