Mercy Is Strength

Mercy Is Strength

May 08, 2024

"NEVER take advantage of one who is at your MERCY!" -Jermaine Andre'

HONORABLE CHARACTER is what the true warrior wants to display in combat.

Sometimes there is more honor in showing control and compassion over domination and aggression.

If you watch closely I could have easily dislocated Clint's shoulder and sent him out on a stretcher before the ref had a chance to tell me to stop. Instead, I released my pressure when he honorably gave up to me even though there would have been much glory for me in breaking this 6ft 3in 220lb man's arm in front of a raging crowd.

Who we truly are deep down is shown when we are under heavy pressure at an advantage or disadvantage. One of mankind's greatest advantages is money. We all spend MOST of our lives working to get it. And there's a saying that, "Money changes people." I say, "Money allows people to be who they truly are." ...just as "power" does.

The same goes for GLORY. When we are the one who everyone admires, what will we do with that admiration? Use it to push others deeper beneath us or to reach down and lift others up? And more importantly, will we use it to help others go further than we can go?

Our biggest fights aren't the opponents or foes in front of us (even in deadly combat). They are just training partners preparing us to do daily battle against our #1 potential enemy and/or friend, ...ourselves.

What we choose to do RIGHT NOW can build or corrupt our character and eventually soul. It's a lifetime fight.

Find your honor that stands above the rewards that man can offer you.