Knowing When To Defend Yourself

Knowing When To Defend Yourself

May 13, 2024

SELF-DEFENSE is not about being strong, knowing a ton of fancy moves, being tough, or even being courageous.

The effective functioning of self-defense should never be restricted to the talented, strong, and skilled only. Self-defense must be practical for the everyday, average, and even below-average person to use as well as the above-average person.

Here are 5 things one should know to execute self-defense effectively against even a bigger, stronger person:

  1. Know the "weak points" that ALL MEN & WOMEN have. Eyes. Throat. Groin.

  2. Know the strong points of the body that ALL MEN & WOMEN have that can be used to ATTACK these weak points. Fists. Elbows. Knees. Forehead. Feet.

  3. Know WHEN to DELIVER an attack with a strong point to a weak point to get the desired result of weakening an attacker with the least amount of harm to self & creating an opportunity to escape. Finger to eye. Elbow to face. Knee to groin.

  4. Know to execute with full force these techniques when life or body is endangered by another person. Do not hesitate, hold back, or regret.

  5. Know to ensure that the attacker is incapacitated enough for you to escape without being re-attacked!

    Self-defense is about making the decision to FIGHT BACK!

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