How To Strike From An Awkward Position

How To Strike From An Awkward Position

Apr 29, 2024

This Hammer Fist Back Strike is excellent because it allows you to strike effectively from an awkward position that appears as if it has disabled you from making any sort of effective attack or defense.

This benefits you in several ways such as...

  1. It can convince your foe to underestimate you and your option to make a calculated attack or defense that will be effective or pose any type of threat to him. He will assume he has a dominating advantage that makes you no threat to him while positioned as such. This will convince him to weaken his defensive guard.

  2. It allows you to initiate your strike without alerting your foe by turning to face him and/or taking a stance which would offer him a chance to defend or evade. Nothing is done prior to the strike that reveals the strike that comes.

  3. It allows you to deliver a highly effective strike to an extremely vulnerable area with speek and heightened power.

    The key to winning any fight is the element of surprise. During self-defense you want to catch your foe off guard and strike. You want to CHEAT to guarantee that you win! In a self-defense situation there is no applause for playing fair, or good sportsmanship award for the loser.

    There is only embarrassment, pain, degradation, loss, disablement, and possibly death. The only sensible and righteous outcome during a self defense situation is a dominating, fast win at the expense of your attacker.

    The combat magic of the Martial Arts does not stem from strength, speed, talent, aggressiveness, or even brutality.

    In fact, it is almost contradictory for a Martial Artist to rely on those traits to win because it is the purpose of the Martial Arts to defeat all of those qualities without being dependent on that which they depend on to win.

    The magic of the Martial Arts is the power to discover and create an unknown way to defeat that which is known to win with its way. The Martial Artist aims to alter his opponent's reliable strength into his new weakness.

    And a technique such as HAMMER FIST BACK STRIKE can equip one to accomplish this task with less effort than imagined.

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