Jun 11, 2024

If you have been successful in much you probably know what a Hater is.

A Hater is a person who despises you for no sensible reason. In truth, the Hater most likely doesn't even have a stupid reason that they can list for their hate towards you.

They only know that their feeling towards you is real and that they will acknowledge, accept and act on it. The Hater does not want to make sense of it or heal from it. He would rather obsess with hopes to see you fail at what you do because your success and happiness is a constant insult to him.

Your Hater will take steps to bring you down whenever an opportunity arises. He may even consume himself with the self appointed task to ruin your reputation. He will bad mouth you behind your back to anyone who will listen.

A Hater will even tell lies to turn others against you. He will convince himself that his inaccurate thoughts and actions are correct, because he is too smart to be fooled by you unlike those who admire you.

He will find a way to make you the bad guy no matter how wrong he is. He will never admit to being wrong about hating you.

Once one becomes your Hater, he or she stays it. No sensible reason could take them from that mindset because the mindset doesn't make any sense.

The true driving force behind a Hater is usually jealousy which is one of the strongest and most dangerous emotions of mankind. A Hater doesn't have to know or ever meet the person who he selects to hate on.

This is because the true reason behind a Hater's desire to hate stems from their own personal insecurities. It isn't the behavior of the target that disturbs the Hater, it's the winning results that are achieved from their behavior that the Hater focuses on, because it is a reminder of his inadequacies.

A Hater's favorite tactic is to sully one's name. He will spread bad information including lies about you to strangers, family, co-workers, and possibly even mutual friends. Your Hater may have no limits as to the depth of the lies he may tell to get the result that he wants.

This can be very harmful to one's reputation. At least that is what most would think. Well, the mindset of the Warrior's Edge doesn't view it as harmful. The Warrior's mind in fact, views it as an advantage. Let me teach you.

When your Hater speaks badly to others about you, one of 3 things will happen with the listener. The listener will either believe the Hater and allow him to corrupt their thoughts about you, or he will ignore the Hater's claim, or he will defend you. Now here is where I find the advantage in this.

If a person that has never met me takes the negative word of a Hater to heart about me, and chooses to avoid me, the character of this individual is revealed as weak and naïve.

This aids me because a person of this type of character is the type of person that I would not want to associate with.

And if a person who DOES know me allows a Hater to speak negatively about me to them, and/or chooses to accept it as truth without confronting me, then this is the exact type of person that I no longer want to be affiliated with.

The people that our Hater convinces to dislike and stay away from us are ones who we can't trust to associate with anyway. There is no loss here. In fact, it is a gain of keeping out and getting rid of potential future problem people.

And this is why I actually appreciate the efforts of my Haters when they take on this task because they are weeding unreliable people out for me.

I have taken the liberty to silently convert my Haters into unlisted, unpaid employees who filter through people for me. They don't hurt my reputation, they save me time and unnecessary future heartache.

Learn to view the efforts of your Haters in this light and you won't have to hate them. Nor will your Haters hold the power to cause worry in you about the frailty of your reputation under his boot.

You will be liberated totally from your Hater's will and immune to the frail results that surface from his efforts. Your Hater will only waste his time while unknowingly sifting untrusting people out of your life for you.

And instead of having the effect as a weapon against you, your Hater becomes a weapon for you. You will have weaponized him.

And this is a way of the "Warrior's Edge".

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