Front Bear Hug Escape

Front Bear Hug Escape

Feb 05, 2024

An important thing to point out about when someone grabs you in a Bear Hug is that they have both of their hands tied up. This means they cannot use their hands to block an attack from you, or to execute additional attacks at you. The one who is executing the Bear Hug can be just as disadvantaged as the person that he or she is grabbing.

Here are some highly effective, easy to execute techniques that you can use to force an immediate release from a person who is grabbing you in a front Bear Hug.

When experiencing severe danger, such as in a kidnapping attempt, it's crucial to defend yourself effectively.

One method is to target the ears with a sharp clap, followed by grabbing and twisting the attacker's head to control their movement.

Additionally, in a life-threatening situation, it may be necessary to take drastic measures, such as inserting fingers into the attacker's eyes while firmly holding their skull to prevent escape.

It's important to remember the severity of the situation and act decisively to protect yourself or your loved ones from harm.

For more street-smart techniques and moves that I developed and perfected while being incarcerated and my time on the streets click the link below.

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