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As a Warrior's Edge Alliance Member and because you are attentive towards Mastering & Protecting your life, I am ecstatic to give you the tools & lessons to support this development, for FREE.

  • First, you'll get my new PeaceKEYper self defense tool

  • You will be granted access to my MMA Defense online instructional training videos for FREE

  • You will receive my book, "22 Strategies to Never Have To Defend Yourself"

  • Warrior's Edge Mindset development exercises, drills & ideologies

  • Weapon Improvisation & undetectable concealing

  • Weapons use & disarmament training

  • Learn More About What You Get Below



PeaceKEYper self-defense tool

This is the NEW top self-defense tool that even I carry, everywhere that I go. It converts your regular housekey into a highly effective defense weapon when needed.

PeaceKEYper can be taken everywhere including state facilities, school grounds, public transportation etc... 

It can not be classified as an abandoned weapon because it is simply a key holder no different than a remote transmitter. The greatest factor about PeaceKEYper that ranks it at the top of self-defense tools is that anyone including men, women, teens, children & elderly can own, carry and effectively operate it.

With PeaceKEYper you will have a state-of-the-art tool that you can trust to provide you with a powerful advantage to defend yourself allowing you to always feel safe, and comfortable, everywhere that you go.

Normally Peacekeyper costs $20 but you will receive it for free.

Next, you will be granted access to the online, detailed instructional training videos for your Peacekeyper self-defense tool.

In these videos, you will be instructed on 5 different GRIPS, 5 defensive STRIKES, and uses to escape GRABS & even BEAR HUGS! You will be AMAZED at the many effective uses of PeaceKEYper and how easily you can fully execute them.

MMA Defense Instructional Training Videos For FREE

The MMA Defense videos give you detailed instructions on how to effectively block the powerful punches of an attacker. These techniques are the top effective skills in existence that are proven consistently to work, in the professional ring and cages of MMA sports competitions.

You will learn one of the most important things to know about self-defense and that is how to never fall victim to a "Sucker Punch"!

I will also give you detailed instructions on how to evade, block & stop punches such as Jab, Cross, Hooks, Uppercuts, & even wild haymaker street punches dead in their tracks, even if the person is bigger and stronger than you.

This collection of life-saving MMA Defense videos normally runs $49.95 but you get it for free.

You will receive my book, "22 Strategies to Never Have To Defend Yourself"

"22 Strategies to Never Have To Defend Yourself" contains the protocols used by elite security agents & bodyguards to always accomplish the primary goal for their clients and self of NOT getting into any type of dangerous conflicts or situations.

Yes. Contrary to the picture painted by action movies, the bodyguard's greatest skill is avoiding trouble not dominating and defusing it. 

In fact, it is viewed as a failure and embarrassment to have to engage in conflict because it reveals incompetence in planning, preparing, and assessing.

My "22 Strategies to Never Have To Defend Yourself" will empower you with the same mindset, vision, & game plans that the world's best Protectors trust in and succeed with daily.

After your read "22 Strategies" you will acquire the advantage of a perspective that expands your mind to see options & solutions that aren't comprehendible to everyday people. 

Preparation and awareness will behave like super powers allowing you to influence & even guide the behavior of surrounding persons.

Normally "22 Strategies" costs $14.97 but you will receive it FREE!

Next, you receive my exclusive digital book, "The Art of Street Smarts"…

In "The Art of Street Smarts" I teach you life-saving lessons about the streets that can not be learned anywhere in the world, including our most esteemed educational institutions. This privileged information will empower you with a superior advantage over the criminal element & all who have never read this reading.

You will learn to identify, assess, avoid, evade, deescalate, escape, engage, & defeat the dangers that terrorize everyday people who are oblivious towards the idea of someday facing & defeating one of the threats they now fear. Instead, they surrender the duty of their personal safety to the comfort of a delusional mindset & the empty hope that they will never have to face these known threats.   


"The Art of Street Smarts" guides you to discover the truth about yourself, the places you frequent, and the people you will be around, so you can always remain 3 steps ahead of everyone else with keen awareness, and protocols that disarm potential threats.

Normally "Art of Street Smarts" costs $24.95 but you get it FREE!

JOIN THE Alliance

Now, You Could Purchase All The Items From My Website And The Total Price Would Be $159.85…

PeaceKEYper Self Defense Tool


Weapons Use & Disarmament


MMA Self-Defense Instruction


22 Strategies & Art Of Street Smarts


Here's a small sample of some of the other incredibly valuable weekly updated information you get with access to the member's section of "Warrior's Edge Alliance"…

-How to defeat selected Martial Arts combat techniques with other Martial Arts combat techniques

-The MMA Black Belt Program instructional video lessons (ranking available)

-Warrior's Edge Mindset development exercises, drills & ideologies-Videos of me assessing the effectiveness of claimed self-defense techniques

-Multiple Attacker instructional training videos

-Combat instinct & reflex training & building-Weight lifting routines for strong, flexible, quick muscle build-Healthy eating recipes & living protocols-Reports & videos on surviving and succeeding prison

-Weapon Improvisation & undetectable concealing-Weapons use & disarmament training 

-The secret manipulations used in prisons-Access to contact me for virtual or in-person training-Monthly Group Video Call participation directly with Jermaine Andre'

And much, much more…

The "Warrior's Edge Alliance" is here to provide you with the knowledge and skills to lead a safe, happy, peaceful life of heightened value.

Please take the time to read what many have said about their personal experiences with "Warrior's Edge Alliance"...

  • Jermaine Andre is an American success story

  • "We all face adversity in our lives and have made bad choices. Very few people are able to hold themselves accountable and embrace the past without letting it define their future. Jermaine had the courage to speak truth to an environment and culture that was destructive. In doing so, he put himself at risk to uplift others. That's a hero in my mind."

    ~ Daniel Isom Retired St. Louis Police Chief

  • Jermaine Andre's program in our school brought together every vital learning objective we desired to achieve

  • "His series of lessons taught our most high-energy students--those most challenging to classroom teachers--the practices, skills, and understandings crucial for academic success. Thanks to the encouragement and collaboration of teachers and administrators, the students who committed to Mr. Andre's program learned the foundations for developing and maintaining self-discipline, composure, self-respect, and the habit of focused observation and listening."         


    ~ Dr. Inda S.H.S Principal Normandy High School                 

  • My experience here was one of the best.

  • "I trained here for a few months while working in St. Louis. I have been doing martial arts on and off for a while now and have done my fair share of private lessons. My experience here was one of the best. Jermaine was attentive the whole time and customized my training to push me at every stage. As a result I have improved in my sparring abilities far more than I have past which was huge personal growth for me."

    ~ Nikhil Manjounath (MD)

  • You won’t find training like this anywhere else

  • "Jermaine is not only an extremely skilled fighter with all the accreditations and accolades of a world-class champion competitor, he is a masterly teacher. His skill at his craft is matched only by his humbling patience and a fierce belief in his students. He has a grounded quality of common sense and can-do attitude that rubs off on those around him, inspiring the kind of discipline we so crave in a martial art."

    ~ Tyra Leesman

  • I have learned so much that is applicable in my everyday life

  • "Not just combat training or healthy eating techniques/habits. But how to be respectful even when you don't receive it in return.

    How to be determined even when your back is against the wall and you are tired of taking losses. He has shown me how to be a honored fighter and loving person. I never thought that the martial arts would have such a positive impact on myself. From my religion to my community/family relations.

    I've learned to work as hard as I can. And never beat yourself up about things that you can not change.

    I for one give high honors to this man Jermaine Andre. In seeing how a person who comes from nothing persevere and becomes GREAT.

    He is indeed a champion fighter but is also a father, son, leader, author, motivational speaker, and just a great person overall."

    ~ Cortez Gee

You Can NEVER Leave The Safety & Protection Of Your Family And Self In The Hands Of Anyone But  


    The biggest part of success is to possess the power to stop another from taking it from you. Your biggest successes are your comfort and life.  

    Even better, when you take your test drive to the Warrior’s Edge Alliance today, not only do you get the monthly Warrior's Edge Mindset development exercises, drills & Multiple Attacker instructional training videos, but you also get the invaluable reports below…

  • Special Report: The Code of Bushido.

  • This report gives you all 8 rules of the Japanese Code of Bushido along with their definition and an elaboration on the rule from me. This will give you a clear understanding of one of the world's most respected warrior codes of honor known to mankind.

  • Special Report: The Code of Chivalry.

  • This report gives you all 10 rules of the English Knights Code of Chivalry along with their definition and an elaboration on each rule by me. Learn about and incorporate the ideology of the world's greatest codes of gentlemen's etiquette.

  • Special Report: I.C.E. Inner Calm & Explosiveness:

  • This report will give you selected chapters from the book I.C.E. that will help you seize control of your life through accountability, clarity, self-discovery, and unshakeable self-discipline.

  • Special Report: Bully Management

  • This report is for parents and their children to read. It consists of tips and strategies to use when faced with bullying behavior. It also gives guidance on assuring that we aren't being a bully ourselves.

  • Special Report: Dealing Effectively with Idiots.

  • This report will consist of selected chapters from the book, "Dealing Effectively with Idiots". The selected chapters will teach you constructive ways to deal with people who are behaving inappropriately and possibly agitating your emotions.

WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THE Warriors Edge Alliance:

From the Desk of Jermaine Andre:

Dear Fellow Warrior,

By now, you might be wondering what it costs to join the Warrior's Edge Alliance.

Normally, it’s $99 a month.

But, through this special test drive, you’ll pay just $39.95 today and you get the Peacekeyper, training videos, and all of the special reports for free.

If you are proud to be a member of Warrior's Edge Alliance, do nothing, and after your 30-day test drive, your card will be billed the reduced membership rate of just $39.95 per month and you can cancel at any time with no obligation.

To begin your test drive and receive your free gifts, please fill out the secure order form below.

But don’t delay…

And remember, you also get the Peacekeyper… for free.

Though there’s a limited supply of Peacekeypers… And when we run out this offer closes forever.


Street Aware Warrior

  • Psychological Intimidation Tactics

  • Environmental Awareness Strategies

  • Pre-emptive Strike Principles

  • De-escalation Tactics

  • Improvised Weapon Use

  • Multi-Attacker Defense Strategies


The easy to learn and execute techniques along with the simple truths have helped elevated me to a superior level as a professional bodyguard that I never even imagined existed. I am more prepared and capable than everyone that I encounter on duty and off!

Darryl C

Professional Bodyguard, Business Owner


  • How quickly can I learn the moves in Warriors Edge Alliance?

  • While everyone progresses at their own pace, the techniques in Warriors Edge Alliance are designed to be effective and simple. With consistent practice, you can grasp the basics within just a few days thanks to the step-by-step instructions in the guide.

  • Will this work for me if I'm not very physically strong or fast?

  • Certainly. The Warriors Edge Alliance techniques aren't about brute strength or speed. They're built around smart techniques that use your attacker's force against them, much of it in consistently targeting biological "panic points"

  • What other resources or tools do I need?

  • Nothing more than the resources we provide and your own body. This is an advantage of the Warriors Edge Alliance; it relies on your own physical capabilities, nothing else.

  • What support is offered once I've joined the Alliance?

  • You get more than just an alliance. We will be there for any questions you may have, plus you'll get exclusive access to our other trainings and workshops.

Join the Warriors Edge Alliance and

Develop Your Warrior Mentality

Techniques to assert psychological dominance over an attacker before the situation escalates to physical confrontation. .

Utilizing your surroundings to your advantage, turning everyday objects into defensive tools, and understanding escape routes and barriers.

These training systems have aided me in the safety and mental wellness of my daily life by giving me sharper reflexes, higher tolerance, and the comfort of knowing that I can protect myself at all times from anyone if necessary

Dawn G

Wife, Mother, Veterinary Business Leader



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