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Do You Have A Fear Of Walking Alone? 

...Here’s How To Eliminate It Forever

Navigate DANGEROUS Situations With Newfound Confidence: How Mastering The Blackout Move Changes Lives.

... And in the next few minutes we're going to show you exactly how to protect yourself and loved ones But Before We Do So, I just want to show you without a doubt, that this is the real deal...

Why Has The Crime Rates Left You Feeling Vulnerable

Take Back Control!

Did you know violent crime rates are on the rise in many major cities across the United States?...

  • 1 in 5 women will be victims of sexual assault at some point in their lives.

  • 1 in 71 men will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lives.

  • Criminals are allergic to people who FIGHT BACK

  • AWARENESS foils criminal plans

A staggering and terrifying truth from FBI crime reports.

But now there's good news:A fresh perspective on feeling safe and empowered. One you're about to discover today.

Some are saying it's the biggest personal safety breakthrough since the invention of pepper spray.

Instead of being helplessly pinned to the pavement under the glaring streetlights, caged by the suffocating fear that the wrong alleyway could turn into your last...

Instead of feeling your heart pound in your chest every time you have to walk home alone at night, always looking over your shoulder...

Starting today, you can stride forward with newfound confidence, your head held high and your heart steady.

Unlock the power within you to protect yourself and those you love. Walk down those same alleyways with an assertive presence that deters potential attackers.

But, you must continue reading this message today and commit to a fundamental change.

And that's why this message may be the most critical thing you read all year. Consider it seriously. Digest it slowly and thoroughly.

Then decide for yourself if this is the solution that millions are calling...

    The Solution To Feeling Vulnerable and Defenseless

  • I'm Jermaine Andre. A 2 Time MMA World Champion, Member of the International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association, and a U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee.

    I've been in the business of empowering individuals to overcome their fear of walking alone or in dangerous areas for over 25 years.

    Helping them achieve a sense of safety and control. Realizing their potential to stand up against any threat.

    Today, I'd like to share the most succinct, straightforward plan for those who feel helplessly exposed and vulnerable.

    One that...

    Helps You Transform Fear Into Confidence

    In pretty much the simplest way possible.

    You see, I recently sifted through hundreds of case studies I've supported over the years.

    I examined what propelled them to success faster than the rest.

    The result amazed me.

    It revolved around the key concept of my work: The art of self-defense, specifically a powerful technique termed "The Blackout," that's so brutally effective, it can leave your attacker helpless.

    And I poured all that insight into an easy-to-follow guide, breaking it down into bite-sized chunks that make mastering self-defense an achievable task.

Most Individuals No Longer Want To Succumb To Feelings Of Vulnerability.

Or the physical prowess constraints to ensure their personal safety... and their reaction is perfectly rational.

Here's the revelation – our solution, the Prison Fighting Advantages, shatters reliance on formidable physical strength or extensive street fighting experience.

It provides a simple yet powerful self-defense technique accessible to all.

It's no news that threats of violent attacks have surged in major U.S cities. The expectation to suddenly morph into bruiser-like figures capable of staving off these incidents is not only unrealistic but also detrimental.

Therefore, instead of living in constant fear of your supposed inability to defend yourself or the perceived inadequacy of your physical strength, you can turn your focus on Prison Fighting Advantages.

This empowers you with the confidence to navigate dangerous streets and protect yourself against potential threats.

Self-confidence through self-defense competence can significantly lower the odds of becoming a victim.

So when you find yourself walking alone on those dimly lit streets with the knowledge of Prison Fighting Advantages, you see yourself striding with a whole new level of confidence rather than quivering helplessly at the prospect of an attack.

So instead of living in constant fear of being defenseless, you can now feel safe, empowered, and ready to protect yourself and your loved ones with greater ease.

You don’t have to worry about being vulnerable or defenseless every time you walk down a desolate alleyway late in the evening or when you’re caught in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Picture This...

You're walking home after a late-night shift.

The streets are deserted and the dim streetlights barely cut through the darkness.

You feel that gut-wrenching sensation of fear rising as you quicken your pace.

Suddenly, a shadow appears, darting out from an alleyway.

But you don’t panic. Instead, you feel utterly calm. Every muscle in your body is poised and ready.

You expertly execute a move from the Prison Fighting Advantages, disabling your attacker effortlessly. Your adrenaline is rushing, but you are in control.

Not a damsel in distress, but a person equipped with the skill and confidence to defend themselves.

Instead, you can enjoy your cup of morning coffee with a newfound confidence. As you savour that first sip, a smile plays on your lips. You're not afraid anymore.

You know you can protect yourself and your loved ones. You can strut down the streets or into the corner store late at night, all without a shred of fear.

Your posture is different. Your stride is different. You’re a person who can handle any situation.

That's what awaits you inside Prison Fighting Advantages.

Learn self-defense skills that manage threats and turn fear into confidence. Master the key principles from a 7-time world fighting champion and a person who spent 7 years in prison and never lost a single fight.

Your safety is in your own hands. It's never been this concrete, or this empowering.

  • Let's see what our early customers are raving about Prison Fighting Advantages

    "Very easy to implement"

    "This training system has aided me in the safety and mental wellness of my daily life by giving me sharper reflexes, higher tolerance, and the comfort of knowing that I can protect myself at all times from anyone if necessary."

    Dawn G- Wife, mother, veterinary business leader.

    "My level of readiness has been elevated"

    "The easy to learn and execute techniques along with the simple truths have helped elevated me to a superior level as a professional bodyguard that I never even imagined existed. I am more prepared and capable than everyone that I encounter on duty and off!"

    Darryl C- Professional Bodyguard, business owner.

    "Taught me life skills"

    "This training  has helped me with life skills very valuable to myself and my family as well as citizens I've come in contact with on a daily basis."

    Greg J - Professional Bodyguard.

    Prison Fighting Advantages

    (Plus Extra Bonuses)

    The world's foremost guide to urban survival, empowering anyone to transform fear into dominance with the powerful Blackout move developed by a 7-time world fighting champion.

    This is a radical awakening from anything you've seen before in the self-defense and personal safety arena.

    There’s no complex jargon, no need for physical prowess, and absolutely no reliance on weapons.

    You can consume this knowledge in an evening. And stride away armed with strategies people pay thousands of dollars to learn.

    • Step-by-step guide to mastering "Prison Fighting Advantages"

    • Packed within this guide are images and instructions that visually break down the Blackout move's intricate yet devastating sequence. Each detail is carefully annotated to ensure your execution is flawless and impactful.

      So rather than missing vital cues and making premature moves that could expose your vulnerability…

      ...you get to execute this opening move with precision, rendering your attacker helpless and turning the odds in your favor.

    • Expert tips and techniques for effective self-defense

    • Our guide is enriched with insights, secret techniques, and tips that seasoned fighters have honed over the years.

      You won't merely learn a move; you'll delve into the mind of a fighter, decoding the art of reading situations and intimidating your adversary.

      So rather than innocently walking into a trap or feeling overwhelmed by intimidating figures…

      …you get to command respect, manipulate scenarios and ensure you’re always a step ahead of any potential attackers.

    • Real-world examples and scenarios for practical application

    • Immerse yourself in thoughtfully curated scenarios that help translate theoretical knowledge into real-world practical application.

      This guide comes alive with tales of street fights, illustrating how the Blackout move can be a game-changer under varied circumstances.

      So rather than freezing in fear when an altercation spirals out of control…

      …you get to visualize and understand how to strategically utilize your self-defense skills, ensuring you prevail in any physical showdown.

    • And that's just scratching the surface!

      Inside, you'll discover treasures that empower you not just to survive, but thrive in unpredictable urban environments. From gaining a dazzling new confidence that lights up every room you enter, to feeling an invincible sense of security even in the most intimidating scenarios - this is your game-changer.

  • Here's More Details On What You Get When You Become A Prison Fighting Advantages Disciple!

  • Unleash the Blackout – the opening move so brutal it'll send your attacker into a helpless state, giving you control of the situation.

    Acquire the skills and confidence to navigate danger-filled streets. Imagine walking down back alleys of St. Louis, boldly knowing you're equipped to protect yourself.

    Discover the Prison Fighting Advantages drawn from the raw world of street fights, evolved into a self-defense system accessible to everyone.

    Don't let your size or physical condition stop you – learn the technique that targets biological 'panic points', leveling the playing field no matter who you're up against.

    Transform your fear into confidence with this ultimate self-defense guide, liberating you from the grips of vulnerability.

    Shatter the myth of needing to be physically strong or carrying a weapon for protection. Master a technique that empowers anyone, regardless of size or strength.

    Take the advice of a seasoned street fighter who has emerged victoriously from countless physical altercations.

    Tap into the power of the Prison Fighting Advantages and feel a surge of confidence wear off your anxiety about personal safety.

    Witness empowerment in just a few days of practice as you start to see the world through the eyes of a 7-time world fighting champion.

    Access this treasure of self-defense right now.

    A digital guide that can be utilized immediately, it's the ultimate tool against rising crime rates.

    Delivered at a fraction of the cost of expensive alternatives like hiring personal bodyguards or buying weapons.

    To Be Honest We Should Charge A Minimum of $5,000 For All This

    Here’s The Deal

    Prison Fighting Advantages is just $49.95.

    That’s right. No hidden extras.

    My mission is to assist individuals and teach them to get past the barriers that knock most people off their feet.

    But Hang On:

    Time Is Of The Essence

    Here’s the reason:

    Folks are mailing in with stories of how Prison Fighting Advantages remarkably transformed their lives…

    For the moment, I’m pondering over incorporating Prison Fighting Advantages with my in-depth personal safety training after this initial trial.

    And I’d highly value your input on it before I settle on my final verdict.

    So, I’m pricing it unusually low to help both of us before we reach that point.

    As long as you drop me an email letting me know how much you benefitted from it, you can have it for just $49.95… plus:

    A $39.95 Gift: Weapons Improvisation

    Imagine turning a broom handle, a pen, or even your car keys into a weapon. With this bonus guide, you'll learn to use everyday items as makeshift weapons, throwing off any attacker who would never expect a bottle cap could potentially take them down.

    Instead of relying on expensive or forbidden weapons, you'll master how to use anything at your disposal for your personal security.

    Results In 30 Minutes Or Else It’s Free

    I am also sharing another incredible bonus: 

    Body Language Combat ($39.95 Value)

    One of the best tips to self defense is make yourself appear intimidating. 

    Then you don't even have to see how good your skills are. They won't even attempt to mess with you because they don't want that fight.  

    So, instead of charging for all these benefits, which is worth over $5,000 to train with me in-person, I am giving it to you for almost nothing....

    Pre-Launch Special: $49.95

    This Is A LimitedTime Offer

    Total In-Person Value: $5,000

    Pre-Launch Special Price: $49.95

    Yes, I Want To Get Prison Fighting Advantages
  • Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available. All content will be delivered digitally via pdfs and videos. 

  • You're Protected With 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Try Prison Fighting Advantages Risk Free For 60 Days

    We are so confident about Prison Fighting Advantages and both bonuses that we will let you test drive it, not for a week, not for 2 weeks, but for 2 full months.

    You'll not only get Prison Fighting Advantages, but you'll get all the bonuses along with it.

    And if for any reason after working on all the Prison Fighting Advantages moves you do not feel more confident and more capable of protecting yourself, we will gladly refund you the money, without any questions asked.

    This Truly Is A Limited-Time Offer…So Grab Prison Fighting Advantages While You Still Can

    You're Protected With 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Try Prison Fighting Advantages Risk Free For 60 Days

    We are so confident about Prison Fighting Advantages and both bonuses that we will let you test drive it, not for a week, not for 2 weeks, but for 2 full months.

    You'll not only get Prison Fighting Advantages, but you'll get all the bonuses along with it.

    And if for any reason after working on all the Prison Fighting Advantages moves you do not feel more confident and more capable of protecting yourself, we will gladly refund you the money, without any questions asked.

    This Truly Is A Limited-Time Offer…So Grab Prison Fighting Advantages While You Still Can

    All Your Questions Regarding Prison Fighting Advantages Answered

  • How quickly can I learn the moves in Prison Fighting Advantages?

  • While everyone progresses at their own pace, the Blackout move is designed to be effective and simple. With consistent practice, you can grasp the basics within just a few days thanks to the step-by-step instructions in the guide.

  • Will this work for me if I'm not very physically strong or fast?

  • Certainly. The Prison Fighting Advantages aren't about brute strength or speed. They're built around smart techniques that use your attacker's force against them, much of it in consistently targeting biological "panic points".

  • Can I really use these techniques to defend against multiple attackers?

  • Yes, you can. The Blackout move which is just one move that you will learn was developed in the back alleys of St. Louis, where one was often outnumbered. With it, you can incapacitate one attacker and immediately move onto the next one, giving you the upper hand in dangerous situations.

  • Is this guide solely for street fights?

  • Absolutely not. While the techniques were developed in a tough environment, the skills you'll learn from the guide can be applied in various situations where you might feel threatened.

  • What other resources or tools do I need?

  • Nothing more than the guide and your own body. This is an advantage of the Blackout technique; it relies on your own physical capabilities, nothing else.

  • What support is offered once I've purchased the guide?

  • You get more than just a guide. We will be there for any questions you may have, plus you'll get exclusive access to our private group where you can learn and communicate with others who have also mastered the Prison Fighting Advantages.

  • Does the Prison Fighting Advantages guide teach anything besides the Blackout move?

  • Yes, besides the Blackout, you will study real-world application and various scenarios in which to exercise effective use of the learned techniques.

  • Can females use these techniques as well?

  • Yes, anyone regardless of gender can master these techniques as they are designed to maximize impact regardless of size or physical strength. The expertise of a 7-time world fighting champion goes into the teaching of these techniques making them adaptable for anyone willing to learn.

    Don't Want To Read The Whole Thing?

    Here's A Gist Of Everything You Need To Know

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    • The total value including bonuses is more than $5,000

    • This sales is for a Limited Time !

    Pre-Launch Special Price: $49.95

    Yes, I Want To Get Prison Fighting Advantages
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