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Get the Art of Street Smarts Self Defense

Today’s criminals are younger, bolder and even smarter making them harder to identify, stop, or catch. And sadly, many of them are most likely Street Smart!

They are playing on a game board and by a set of rules that only they know about.

If today’s hard working citizens plan to be safe from and to defeat these new age criminals at their unfair game, they are going to have to upgrade their game from the lessons of the civilized norm to The Art of Street Smarts 

Awareness “watches” things happen from a position of safety. Street Smarts MAKES things happen from a position of safety.

This is the exact reason why I teach Street Smarts and not just Awareness. Teaching the idea of Street Smarts to you expands your perception, and enhances your confidence as I reveal to you why you should never fear a criminal or his acts.

The Art of Street Smarts will empower you to desire to take the stand to make things happen during a situation, instead of hiding with hopes of things turning out for the best.

The Art of Street Smarts teaches you to lure bad guys in the direction that you want them to go. 

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